Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning

We've been doing a lot of extra cleaning and organizing over the past couple of weeks. I don't know what it is about Spring and wanting to clean, but it's got to be something in the air because I know I'm not the only one feeling this way. Last week I bought the 9 cubicle organizer for the girls room and we got things looking better in there. This week I cleaned out the garage, organized the shelf in our kitchen where all sorts of odds and ends get dropped,
went through the really large pile of papers sitting in the basket on our kitchen counter(among other things in that general area),
Before After

and took out the cd player also sitting on the kitchen counter and we put up a new under-the-cabinet cd player in it's place(I used my birthday money to buy this and I'm loving the counter space it has freed up). I gave Elisabeth a project one day, too, since she's off track. She was to clean the counter and beneath the counter in the main bathroom. In cleaning underneath the counter, I also asked her to please separate and organize all the clips, ponytails and headbands that had been put away in the wrong drawers, or not put away at all....which was the case for many of the items. She did a phenomenal job!

On the to-do list for next week is to clean behind and underneath the fridge(we're getting a new one next week! More on that later) and to sort through and organize the stacks of paper sitting on the desk downstairs. I'm dreading that last chore. I wish I could just dump it all in the garbage and call it good. Unfortunately some of those papers are important. What I really need is to borrow a wand from the fairy-god-mother or see if I could learn Mary Poppins tricks. :)

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Angela said...

Everything looks awesome! Great job Elisabeth!! (and Elisa) :)