Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saturday sports

Charlie's t-ball team:
Elisabeth has been begging us for months to sign her up for soccer. Apparently she plays at recess every day and loves it. Since Scott and I were both soccer players, we sympathize with her pleas :). These are pictures from her first game. She also will have soccer practice on Thursday evenings.
Here's a short clip that I took when they were practicing before the game. Elisabeth seems to be shy and quiet at the beginning of the clip. That's because her coach kept calling her Emily. Right here she finally tells him, "My name is Elisabeth." :)

This past Saturday was the first one in which both children had sports games. And they were back to back: One game began at 10, the other at 1130 and in different locations. Friday night Scott and I went over our schedule for Saturday so that we could be sure to get everything in that needed to be done. It's a good thing we're young and healthy because otherwise days like these would be exhausting. :)

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