Monday, April 18, 2011

News from the week

Here is Jane. She is so cute. I love her sweet and happy temperament. I have so many pictures that I haven't posted on here yet. I'm going to try and do as many of them on this one post as I can. I'll be posting Day 3 for the Easter week tonight once the kids are in bed.

Our news for the week:
1. I was able to do Elisabeth's hair in two ponytails, and then pull those pony tails through and underneath the hair. If that doesn't make sense, and you are curious to know what the heck I'm talking about, you can enlarge the picture. Either way, many of Elisabeth's friends wear their hair like this and she always makes me try it, but it never really turns out right. We usually end up with one, or both, sticking up kind of high and so we end up taking it out. But on this day I did it right. Elisabeth was so happy she asked me to take a picture of her :).

2. It was so nice this week that Charlie asked me to set up the small tent. We didn't actually sleep in it, even though they wanted to, but they did drag their sleeping bags inside along with some books and played in there. Here is Charlie with our neighbor Brigham.

3. Elisabeth is off track from school for four weeks. In order to make my life a little more organized and happy, our day is somewhat scheduled, especially the mornings. Once we've finished breakfast and cleaned up after ourselves, the kids pull out their school work books(We got these from Costco...Scott's mom picked up one for each of the kids and I have a couple others we use as well). They sit around the table with me, Elisabeth works through hers on her own and will ask me questions if she has any, I explain to Charlie what he's supposed to do and then he goes to work on that page and when he's finished we start again, and Annabelle does the same as Charlie, though she requires more help. After school time, Elisabeth plays the piano, I lay down Jane for a nap and then I exercise while the other two play or watch Letter Factory(we're really trying to make sure Annabelle has all of her alphabet letters and sounds memorized...she's close, but not quite there yet). Here are the kids around the table working on their school books.
4. All the kids were able to sit in a fire truck this week. A friend of mine told us they'd be having one at the end of her sons preschool class and asked us if we'd like to come along.
5. I've been in need of some sort of furniture item for the girls many sweatshirts among other things. This weekend I stopped at Target and found this 9 cubicle piece on sale, along with drawers you buy separately. I set it up all by myself. I even got to use a screwdriver and hammer! No, it's really not that exciting, I mean, I use a hammer whenever I put pictures up, but it was still satisfying to be able to do a building-type project on my own without any help. I love that it has organized some of our chaos. Elisabeth decorated it herself. I thought she did pretty good for the most part. Her sweatshirts are in the two drawers.


Maryann said...

I love the hair! I will have to try that on Rebecca. That is a good idea to play in a tent. I need to pull ours out.

The Horne's said...

Are those her sneakers in there also? They look big...