Saturday, April 23, 2011

Local, raw honey

I had my first purchase and use of local, raw honey this week! I was and am so excited to have found this honey bee contact. I found it through a lady in my ward who has so much knowledge and information in all things natural. I've called her quite a few times, gleaning whatever information I possibly can. I wanted to get local honey because some say it helps alleviate allergies, which I have(the reasoning goes like this: if the bees and nectar is local, it should help with symptoms that come from those same local plants), and I want it raw because anything raw has more nutrients than it's cooked/processed counterparts.

I stayed away from raw honey before because of it's price. Honey in general is not cheap and the cheapest I could find it was at Costco. They sell there 6lb container of honey for $13.92 which works out to be .14 cents/oz. My new honey bee contact sells his honey for a similar price if you buy it in bulk. You buy 50 lbs and it ends up being .16 cents/oz. You can buy it in smaller quantities too, but it's a little more that way(though not much) and since honey lasts forever and I use it so often with granola and other recipes, I thought this would be the best deal for our family. He didn't have the 50 lb container available at the moment so I went for a 5lb container for now which ends up selling for .18 cents/oz($15 for 5 lb) which is still really good. I also got a couple of the 12oz squeeze bears for $3 each. I'll let you know how the seasonal allergies go. I normally get them a few times a year so I'm really hoping this will help.


The Horne's said...

If scott and I feel a "bug" coming on, like a sickness we take a spoonful of local honey with some cinnamon, and it's helpful. We only use local honey also. It's a good natural remidy. If you want to try my whole wheat bread recipe it's another great way to use honey. It's on my blog. I have really perfected that recipe, it's so healthy!

Elisa said...

Heidi, Oh cool Thanks for the info. I'm going to have to try that bread. I remember seeing it on your blog not too long ago and it looks so yummy. Thanks again!