Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How many more days until Saturday?

"How many more days until Saturday?" This is the question we've gotten from Charlie every day since t-ball started last Saturday. He LOVED it! My good friend Elisa got us involved with this particular t-ball group. They call it 'backyard ball' and there is a family in her (Elisa L.'s) neighborhood who found families in the area with kids aged 4 and 5 and were able to put 2 teams together with 9 on each team. Every child pays $10 so they can have matching t-shirts and a trophy at the end, and that's all for fees. We have 'games' each Saturday; we get together for an hour and during the first half hour the kids divide into three groups: hitting, throwing and catching. During the second half hour they play a game. The parents provide drinks and treats and several of the dad's, including Scott, help out during the first half when all the kids divide into groups for practice.


Krissy said...


kelley said...

I love it.
I know some of my dad's fondest memories of our childhood was playing baseball with Scotty. I'm sure Charlie loves this!

Elisa said...

Kelley, yes. And you're right. I'm pretty sure Scott is loving this too :).