Monday, April 11, 2011

General Conference

Every April and October we get to listen to the Prophet and the Apostles speak. I love it! And I love that the very next month I get to have all the talks printed out in the Ensign(a church magazine).

Charlie went to the evening priesthood session with Scott. He went last time as well. He does really well. From what Scott tells me, he sits pretty still and will take notes in his journal. Here are the notes he took from this conference. You can click on it to enlarge it. It says things like, "The prophet teaches us about Jesus. The prophet teaches about Jesus because they want us to repent. The missionaries teach us about the gospel. The prophet wants us to love people." I thought he did a great job sounding out all those words. After priesthood session, Scott always takes Charlie out for ice cream which is something Char looks forward to.

And here are a couple of random pictures we took in the kitchen recently. I love the one of Charlie and Jane.


kelley said...

Picturing Charlie sitting there with Scotty writing in his journal is too precious. What a smart, dedicated little kid to do something like that. I'm sure it helps to have his parents' examples to follow. Yall are great!

Elisa said...

Thanks Kelley. It's Scott who is such a good example. He's a good example for me as well.