Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 3- Tuesday; parables and teachings

Day 2, Cleansing the Temple, went well. After we read the scriptures about Jesus cleansing the temple and talking through that story, we used one of the discussion questions about what we could do in our home to 'clean' it so that the Lord would feel comfortable here. The kids enjoyed answering all my questions about, 'if we did this, would the spirit be in our home?' We ended up deciding that we would work on not fighting this week and if we noticed that someone was beginning to get angry or fight, we'd gently remind them by saying, "cleansing the temple." :) The kids thought that was a pretty neat idea :). They also enjoyed picking a secret pal (I just put all our names, minus Jane, into a hat and we took turns pulling out a name) and figuring out things they could do every day this week for that secret pal that would make them happy.

Here is the page for Day 3, tomorrow, which will be Teachings and Parables.

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