Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 2-Monday-Cleansing the Temple

Our Palm Sunday activities went really well. I think the favorites were the acting of the Triumphal Entry, going on our nature walk, and one of the stories I paraphrased. Below is a picture of all our actors and a short clip of the second half of our play. Charlie was Jesus, Scott the colt, Elisabeth a disciple and Annabelle one of the workers who kept the colt. And I was the narrator.
If you click on the picture below, and then magnify it, you'll be able to read the ideas for Day 2, which is Monday. I'm going to prepare tonight so we're ready for tomorrow.


berrymom said...

Elisa, I love this! I am so glad you shared your new tradition. I am going to follow along with your blog this year and buy the book so I can have it for next year!

Elisa said...

Jenn, good, good! I'm glad you like it too. So far, we love it. I am enjoying the planning that goes along with it. Reading all the material and preparing the family for Easter brings a nice spirit into the home. Thanks for your comment!