Monday, February 28, 2011

Jane is crawling!

Jane is now 11 months and just started crawling! We're pretty excited about her mobility, but I'm also a little nervous because not everything in our house is baby proofed. I'm most nervous about our set of 12 stairs. Annabelle fell down them twice when she was a baby. I thought she was going to die or at least have a broken arm. She was fine, thankfully. But I do not want that to happen again, ever. The baby gate doesn't fit well at the top of the stairs so I'll most likely push the couch up close to block it until we teach her to go down herself, backward. The biggest challenge will be getting her siblings to remember to push the couch back when they go up and down the stairs. Or maybe I'll just have her wear Annabelle's monkey backpack when she's on the ground crawling and I'll loop it around the foot of the table or a couch. Hmmm, not a bad idea.

Annabelle keeps laying down in front of Jane while she's crawling and Jane just crawls right over and on top of her head. It's pretty hilarious. We can already see some fun things in Jane's (baby number four) personality :). Here are a couple short clips the kids and I took of Jane crawling around.


berrymom said...

She is adorable! Good luck with the baby proofing. We still have a few months, but I have been looking around our house seeing many things that will have to change :)

The Horne's said...

Wow, it's amazing how differnet all kids are. My friends son, is 1 today, and started walking at 10 months...!!!!! Brooklyn is 8 months and doesn't seem to be close to crawling yet either. She kind of kicks around on her belly...but then rolls over. I kind of hope she is a slow crawler. :-D Most moms say to not hope for them to be mobile too quickly! Would you agree?!

Elisa said...

Thanks Jen! Yes, having a mobile baby is a little crazy :).

Heidi, Charlie was walking at 9 months and goodness it was way too early! He couldn't understand anything and would get into everything not meaning to do damage or harm himself, but that's what happens when they learn to walk at such a young age.

I think too early is annoying and busy, but late is also a little worrisome, at least for me. I get nervous that they're muscles aren't developing right and they're going to have to have some physical therapy(which has happened to a couple of my friends). In fact, I actually started working with Jane a couple of months ago, when she turned around 9 months, because she wasn't standing at all, even with lots of help and support. As soon as I'd get her legs straight she would sit right back down. We slowly worked up to her standing while holding my hands for a short time and then walking around with me, even though she doesn't like it. Now she can do that fine, with my help, but I don't think she's really close to walking. I also made her get in the crawling position even though she really didn't like that either.