Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Annabelle!

Annabelle's birthday went as follows:
630am- Annabelle woke up me and Scott and climbed into bed with us (we'd asked her the night before to stay in her room until 7am...we figured she'd be excited for her birthday, so we basically set yourselves up for failure)
632am- Annabelle begs to open a gift. We ask her to wait for her siblings.
640am-continues begging. Begging is about to turn into tears. We(scott and I) hate to start her birthday off in tears so we relent and allow her to open one gift to bring back into our bedroom and play with. She is satisfied.
645am- Scott jumps into the shower. Annabelle continues to play with her Cinderella doll.
650am- Elisabeth walks in and says she's looking for Annabelle(Elisabeth is usually in charge of keeping Annabelle in their bedroom until 7am). Elisabeth jumps on the bed and plays dolls with Annabelle.
7am- we go into the kitchen for breakfast. Annabelle has previously requested granola with almond milk. Perfect! We have that every day so it's always on hand and easy. Thank you Annabelle. Once Charlie is up she opens her other gifts. Elisabeth and Dad go to school and work.
8-noon Charlie takes a nap because he has a fever, Jane is still sleeping (she's usually up between 6-7am so this is nice), Annabelle and I go downstairs and she watches Barbie in Swan Lake while I exercise on the elliptical machine. Once Swan Lake is finished I do some laundry and cleaning while Annabelle plays with her new doll. Jane continues to sleep and I'm getting a little worried so I check on her at 10am to make sure she's still breathing. She is. She doesn't wake up until 11:20! I'm hoping she's not coming down with what Charlie has. She feels fine when she wakes up and seems to be well.
12:40-1:50 pick up Becca from the airport
When we got home, Charlie went back to sleep and the rest of us ate lunch. We all ate different things. Annabelle wanted peanut butter with crackers, a banana and salsa and chips. Jane and I shared a hot pink smoothie and Becca had a lentil burrito(leftovers from our dinner the night before). Becca brought a couple of barbies for Annabelle from Grandparents and from herself, so Annabelle was very entertained for the remainder of the day. She requested pizza for dinner so I pulled out a whole wheat dough I had made and froze several weeks before. Thank you again, Annabelle. This is the easiest birthday I've done in a long time.

Charlie continued to sleep in his room until it was time to sing happy birthday. I'm hoping Charlie gets over his fever soon and that it doesn't get passed through the whole family. But it's looking like Elisabeth is starting to show signs of illness(not talkative at dinner, quiet, low energy, nothing seems to taste good...accept for the cake which is to come, of course). I'm sure the cake she had today and all the candy from school yesterday is making things that much worse.

Annabelle has a lady bug pillow pet and requested a lady bug birthday cake. It was really quite simple and the decorating part didn't take very long at all. I used half of the ball cake pan, 2 mini bundt pans and a cupcake to make the shapes of the 2 ladybugs. More pictures to come on a separate post.

Here are a few things about Annabelle at age 3:
*She is very independent.
*She can and will dress and undress herself.
*She can and will go to the bathroom all by herself without any help.
*She enjoys playing make believe games, like house and dolls, by herself.
*She likes to eat a lot of different foods, but she doesn't really like bread- no sandwiches, no rolls.
*She knows many of her letters, sounds and numbers.
*She loves to point out where Mississippi, North Carolina, Utah and Washington are on our table map.
*She is wonderful at singing and dancing.
*She loves to watch any and all barbie movies.
*She loves to go to church, and she LOVES her church teacher. She talks about her throughout the week and loves to be near her.
*She is very feisty. Some of her favorite phrases are, "you are rude!" and "I'm not your best friend anymore!" Usually this is said to Charlie, but both Scott and I have also been the unfortunate recipients of these phrases.
*She loves to look at books and have books read to her.
*She loves when it's her turn to pick the scripture picture for our evening Scripture study time.
*Annabelle is sweet, easy to please, happy, and so fun to listen to. And she's dang cute! Her big blues eyes are beautiful and just looking at them makes you want to smile.
We love you Annabelle!


Lindsay said...

so so fun! Elizabeth's birthday is on the 1st of March and I have been thinking of what I should get her.
looks like Annabelle and Elizabeth could be best friends--their likes are so similar! So, have you ever done one of those princess dolls cakes? the ones that you stick the doll in the middle? Do you have any tips? what kind of pan would you suggest I use? a bundt cake? anyways, I thought she would like a princess cake.

Elisa said...

Lindsay, Yes I have done the princess barbie cakes. I have the barbie cake pan for the skirt of the dress and I have a blonde and dark haired barbie-on-a-stick :). It's just her top half. I've heard you can do a barbie with the legs on, but it's really hard to get it into the cake and it takes a lot of room. Just a little more challenging. The dark haired one I used as SnowWhite and the blonde one was Cinderella. You can borrow any of my cake decorating stuff, barbies and pans. I'm always available to answer questions or to show you how to do something. Let me know what you think. I shouldn't need the pans again until the beginning of April; and even then, I'm not certain I'll need it.