Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bed head, clothes, tredmill

Upon rolling out of bed, Elisabeth's hair was just too awesome this morning for me to ignore. I took a picture of it. She wasn't as amused as I was.

Becca came to visit last week for a few days. Unfortunately, I forgot about my camera while she was here. We had a nice time and made some yummy, healthy foods together (she's getting into whole foods as well). Since about junior high, Becca and I have been very similar in shape and size which has it's advantages, like sharing clothes, and I'm sure my mom would agree, it's disadvantages when fighting over clothes-You know, 'Take it off! That's mine and I didn't say you could borrow it!' Becca left me with a bag of clothes she didn't want anymore(she cleans out her closet about once a year which I love because it means new clothes for me!). Becca has a lot better taste in clothing than I do so this yearly cleaning-out-the-closet tradition of hers, is very helpful to me.
We've recently started something in my ward(local church group) called, 'Gots and Wants'. This idea came from my mother's ward. Each month or week, we list things people have got that they want to give away for free, and things that people are in need of. Last week I saw a tredmill on the 'gots' list. After doing a little compromising with Scott(he was a little worried about not having enough room, so I took all the measurements of where I would want to put it and measurements of the tredmill to see if we'd have enough walking space) we were able to get it and fit it in downstairs next to the elliptical machine. I love it! I love to exercise, I love exercising in my home because of my life situation right now(several young ones at home with me all day means I'm too tired at night and in the early morning to go to the gym, I don't really want to pay for a membership anyway and little kids have and spread lots of germs and you can't bring sick kids to the gym).

I love to go outside and exercise when I can, but that usually only happens on Saturdays during the months of March through September. And that's not enough. I like being able to switch up exercises and with these machines and my Billy Blanks dvds, I think I will be happy forever. Another part of our compromise was that I actually had to use it often (which I know I will because I exercise daily) and that I won't acquire anything more for awhile(probably a really long while) because half of our family room has turned into a gym, which I don't mind, but we don't want it to take over the entire family room either.

Vicky, if you're reading, thanks for the tredmill!

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