Tuesday, February 8, 2011

After school snack

I make green smoothies every day. I've been doing this for the past 8-9 months. Even though they are called green smoothies, they are not always the color green; depending on the berries you add, sometimes they're purple or brown. They're called green smoothies because they have leafy greens inside-I usually use spinach and kale or chard. Today I put in beet greens that I had left over from making my Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie. When I make our blender full of smoothie, I drink a couple of tall glasses and then I put the rest in jars for the family. Each person has their own jar with their name on it(Scott sometimes takes his to work). When Elisabeth gets home from school, her smoothie is waiting for her in the fridge and she has it as part of her after school snack. I only fill the kids jars about half full right now. They all like them pretty well so it works out nicely.

Top three reasons I love green smoothies:
1. We're healthier-we have had zero sick visits this year...not counting Annabelle's foot fracture and dislocated elbow, of course :). No colds, no ear infections, very few runny noses and a few of us got a 24 hour bug this year, but that was it. This is amazing for our family. It really is. Just a couple of years ago I remember telling friends that one of us always had something, even if that something was a runny nose. Now it's not so common!!! Also, along with being healthy, greens clean out your insides which many of us(meaning Americans) need to have done because of all the processed and junk food we eat.

2. More energy! The greens and fruits that go inside these smoothies provide SO many vitamins and minerals. It's no wonder we don't get very sick anymore. Instead of feeding the germs/illness in our bodies with sugar(which really, really slows down your immune system), we're making the white blood cells stronger so they can fight things off quicker. I feel so good most of the time and I'm no longer exhausted by 4pm, watching the clock during that last hour before Scott gets home. When I have energy the house is cleaner, meals are better prepared, I can think with more clarity and I'm happier which makes the whole family happier. :)

3. Weight loss. I say this for a couple of reasons. One, when you have more energy you can do more and you want to do more. I exercise every day, though that's not really a change for me; but either way, you have the energy to move around more. Two, and this has been the biggest help for me is that when you add drinking 32 oz of something to your day, something else has got to go because this will fill you up(don't forget that spinach along with many of the other greens, provide quite a bit of protein...Popeye ate spinach for a reason). It could be a breakfast or lunch replacement or a replacement for your snacks during the day. Also, all the fruits inside the smoothie leave you feeling very satisfied. Sometimes I'll save a little green smoothie for myself and drink it after dinner because it really helps to curb a sweet tooth....and we all know I have a sweet tooth; just look in my recipe section and back to old blogs to see for yourself :). And I'm not saying that I don't still have sweets, but a whole lot less often and the sweets we make in our house, we make with more natural sweeteners.

Drinking the green smoothie makes you feel good. Just like exercising makes you feel good. I personally think that when you feel good about yourself, it's easier to make good choices. When I exercise, I don't feel like eating junk food soon after. And the same is true the other way around. When you put junk in your body or when you are lazy, isn't it just that much easier to continue doing those things and to be down on yourself? Anyhow, these are a few of the reasons why we drink green smoothies daily.


Casey said...

You inspired me to get back to doing the green smoothies. I used to love them but then stopped for some reason. I've been doing them the last week or so and you are right, I have much more energy and I feel better. Thanks!

The Horne's said...

Do you put ice in them? Or blend them up then put in the fridge? or do your frozen berries make it cold? We have made a few and if the fruit isn't all cold (like an apple or banana) I don't like them luke warm.

Elisa said...

Heidi, I agree. Warm smoothies are not very good. Many times I use frozen strawberries, peaches and/or mixed berries, and many times I do put in ice. But not all blenders can handle ice for very long so be careful.

Casey, I remember seeing a post of yours a little while ago that had one of your boys drinking a green smoothie. You're awesome!

carrie r. said...

This post is quite the pitch for green smoothies. I have been hearing all about them but I always think "I really enjoy my fruit smoothies like they are and I eat vegetables so why ruin that fruit flavor with green stuff??" But you just might have convinced me to try it!

Elisa said...

Oh good Carrie! I hope so! They are worth it. :)

BAWC said...

two questions for you my dear.
1.will you make me and the boys one to to try out?
2. can i use a regular blender?

Elisa said...

April, thanks for your questions!
1. Yes I would love to make you and the boys some green smoothie! Would you like to come over next week sometime? Let me know when is good for you.
2. Before I owned a high power blender, I made our green smoothies in my food processor. I know of others who have made theirs in a regular blender, but the strength of the blender will determine how smooth it is and how well it will catch all the greens and blend them up. The comparison between my high power blender now and my food processor is that the food processor couldn't grind all the little berry seeds and you had little bits of greens throughout. It wasn't bad, I drank it that way for months, and my kids and Scott did too, though not as often as myself, they'd probably have some a couple of times a week. We all like them better now that everything is smooth and there aren't any green strips.

Matthew said...

Do you use mostly organic produce? I just started drinking green smoothies myself.

Elisa said...

Matthew, no I don't always use organic. I do when the prices are close, otherwise I just wash everything really well with a veggie/fruit spray.