Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Charlie!

Our kids enjoyed taking part in the party preparations/invitations:
making the vikings for 'Pin the Vikings on the Ship'
Charlie turned five during the week. We have a few birthday traditions:
1. Open presents from family during breakfast on the day of your birthday.
We got Charlie this picture of Enos praying on his knees while out hunting. We thought he'd especially like the bow and arrows in the picture. And he does :). I like to subtly implant good messages into our children through things like pictures. Even big, strong men with bows and arrows, humbly get on their knees to pray.
2. Birthday person decides on the menu for the day- We had pancakes and sausage for breakfast, pasta with alfredo sauce for lunch and we went out to Carl's Jr. for dinner. Right now we let them pick one meal for the family to go out to eat, but I think once they get older (and have bigger appetites), we'll probably just take the birthday child out by themselves for a special meal. One-on-one time with Mom or Dad is always good.
3. During one of our family meals during the day, we go around the table and each person tells the birthday person of a fond memory they had with them or something they love about that person.
4. Birthday person decides what we do that has to be free if they're also having a friend birthday party(which they can do once they turn 5), if they don't want to have a friend party they may choose to do something fun with the family. Last year we went to Chuck E. Cheese. Charlie did have a friend birthday party later on in the week so on his birthday we watched How To Train Your Dragon(surprise, surprise!) and besides that he really just wanted to play with his new bow and arrow. He LOVES his bow and arrow! Unfortunately, most of the arrows have already snapped in half. We tapped them back together and that seems to hold up alright. Or sometimes he'll just shoot the end of the arrow if the front is broken off.

And here are some pictures from his birthday party. We had a How To Train Your Dragon themed party with some kids from his church class. We played Hiccup Says (aka Simon Says), Pin The Vikings On The Ship, and we made shields for their party favors and played Dodge the Fireball with the shields, which was basically Scott throwing soft balls at them and they had to use their shields to block him. They really liked that one.
We folded the themed plastic table cover up and hung it on the wall for this game. I thought that was resourceful: a party table cover and a party game!

And a very short clip:

Next year Charlie said he just wants to have a family party. He's a bit more shy than our girls. At one point during his party, we were playing Hiccup Says and he just wandered off by himself. Scott brought him back but he didn't really want to play with everybody. And when it was his turn to be Hiccup and say the commands he only did one or two and then decided he was done. He doesn't love being on the spot or getting attention. He's the one I have to bribe to go sing with the primary children during church meetings. But that's fine. I'm glad we're figuring out their personalities and hopefully we'll know how to cater our parenting to each one. We love our Charlie.

Here are some other things about our 5 year old boy:
He is so sweet and helpful with his sisters. Annabelle always goes to Charlie when she gets hurt or is upset. He'll give her a big hug and then help her out. It's very cute. He is also getting to be a lot more helpful(not all the time of course, but more than he used to). A couple of times this week he made his bed and cleaned his room all on his own without me even asking him to do so! I love when they do that.
Charlie loves to play with cars, dragons, swords, bow and arrow, he loves to read books (he is reading easy books on his own...and they're not memorized; they are books with short words). He is good at writing all his letters and numbers and can spell many words. He also enjoys finding cities and states on our map-table-cover. Charlie enjoys lincoln logs, tinkertoys, playing baseball, sledding and building things in the sand. Charlie will begin school next year. He likes to stay home with mom for the most part so I hope kindergarten goes well. :)

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

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