Sunday, January 30, 2011

Green Smoothie Girl Class

This past week I was able to go to another free class done by the Green Smoothie Girl. I have one word for that class: Amazing! Seriously, so good! The first one I went to was also great, but unfortunately it was a bit far away and there was construction on the road and a couple of car accidents so I didn't get there until close to the end of her class. That was a bummer. But I hung after for all the questions and still ended up being there for awhile.

This time I went, the class was much closer, I arrived early and one of my close friends and former college roommates and her cousin came along so I had someone to sit with that I knew. Though actually, it's not terrible not knowing anyone because most everyone who attends have a common bond--they either like or are curious about green smoothies and being healthy-- so visiting comes pretty easy. Anyway, I loved going and hearing all of her personal stories and the facts and data she gave for different studies. It made me think about my own personal stories as to why we're choosing to eat more healthy foods which I want to make a post about in the future.

When I came home I remember telling Scott, "It just makes sense. And it feels right! Sometimes when I learn about something new it will confuse me and it doesn't seem to make much sense. But this totally does and I love it!" I continuously read through the scripture in the Doctrine in Covenants(D&C 89, on the word of wisdom) to make sure things makes sense and follow along with what the Lord has given us. Something I like about the Green Smoothie Girl(Robyn Openshaw is her name) is that even though she's healthy, she says she's not vegan or vegetarian or any of these 'isms', but rather follows the word of wisdom and will eat meat sparingly and eats mostly grains and fruits and vegetables and things from the earth.

Robyn Openshaw talked about the China Study which is a book I've now got on hold at the library. The China Study was a study first conducted on mice/rats. They took rats and injected them with some sort of cancer causing agent, separated the rats into 2 groups and then fed the groups differently. Group one was fed a diet of 5% animal protein. Group 2 was fed a diet of 20% animal protein. Group 1 all remained healthy and active. Group 2 got fat, sick and many developed cancerous tumors and growths. Group 2 was dying. Then the scientists switched the diets on these groups. They gave the healthy rats the 20% animal protein diet and the fat rats with tumors the 5% animal protein diet. And guess what happened? The healthy ones got fat and developed tumors and the fat ones got small and their tumors either shrunk or vanished completely! After the studies were done, they went into a couple of areas in China where people were eating this way and they found their information to be true. The people living in areas where they got most of their protein from plant sources were much healthier and more disease free than the people who lived in areas where they had 20% or more animal protein in their diet.

Anyway, like I said, I loved the class, it was all very interesting and I am excited to try some of the new recipes I got from one of her cookbooks.


The Horne's said...

Did you learn any new green smoothie recipes? I have been doing them too!! Not every day, but once in a while and we love them!

Elisa said...

Heidi, She basically supplies you with a template and then let's you go. The basic template is 1/3 water, 1/3 greens, 1/3 fruits. My favorite for now are kale and spinach and chard for the greens (only a leaf of the kale and chard and a couple handfuls of spinach), and then I really like frozen peaches and strawberries and bananas, I usually throw in 1/8 of a lemon(rind and all since I have a high powered blender) and then I'll use whatever else I have on hand that looks good: apples, oranges, grapes, pear etc.

Robyn Openshaw does have a couple of books out, one is called, The Green Smoothie Diet and in the back there are probably 30 smoothie recipes. But they use all different crazy stuff like dandelion greens and beet greens and purslane etc. I'm not quite there yet, but someday I'll give them a try. I know our library has that book, you could check to see if your library carries it. It's a good read.