Monday, January 24, 2011

The big 3-0!

Jane, Scott and I went out to dinner this weekend in celebration of Scott's birthday. We went to The Mayan. The Mayan serves Mexican food (not the greatest mexican food, I might add), but what keeps people coming back is not the food but the entertainment. When you first walk in the doors the lighting is dim. You can see enough to know that it resembles a mine with dirt walls, picks and axes. The host will lead you through the mine and out into the dining area which is a big, open area with high ceiling. These are needed in order to fit the tall rock cliffs that the Mayans will dive from into the pool of water down below. The rest of the dining area is covered in greenery and hanging vines. Every 30 minutes the Mayan divers will do a 5 minute choreographed show and 15 minutes after the divers have finished, there are other performers who do things with fire or some sort of trapeze or acrobatics. They're pretty amazing. I told Scott next time my dad comes I want to take him and the kids. I know they would all love it, my dad because he is part Indian and grew up in Mexico where they had real cliff divers.

The night before our Mayan adventure, Scott went camping in the snow with the Scouts, which he also considered part of his birthday celebration. There were only 2 boys and 2 leaders in their group, but there were a couple hundred scouts from all around the area. He made foil dinner fajitas for their group for dinner that he was pretty excited about.

Elisabeth is off track from school so she was home on Scott's birthday, even though he was at work. While he was gone, I convinced the kids that the greatest gift they could give to Scott was to have their bedrooms squeaky clean. We all worked together and not only cleaned their rooms but completely reorganized Elisabeth's dresser drawers, taking clothes out that were too small and putting them in labeled bags and then folding all the other clothes so the drawers would actually close, which is something that hasn't happened in awhile. Their bedrooms look fabulous! I hope they stay like that for awhile(yeah right :)). Charlie's doesn't usually get too bad because he doesn't have as many clothes and other items in his room like the girls do. While we cleaned I gave Elisabeth a few pointers on how she could keep it this way...we'll see if she listens :). We cleaned for 2 hours, and even though that seems long, the time flew by and we all had fun. In fact several times during the morning while we cleaned, Elisabeth would say to Charles, "isn't this fun?" and he'd agree. It was fun. I think cleaning is more fun when everyone works together. That way you can visit and work side-by-side with music playing in the background.

We had biscuit sandwiches for breakfast and I made chimichangas for dinner. We had an ice cream pie with a sugar cookie crust for dessert at which time Scott opened his gifts and played guitar using his new music stand. I'll add a video on here once it's done processing.

I wanted to put in a few of our favorite memories with Scott from this year so I did one-on-one interviews with the kids while he was at work. Our favorite memories:
Annabelle: "I always play tinker toys with him. I like to go hiking. I like duck-duck-goose and hide and go seek. I want daddy to come here right now."

Charlie:"Camping. I loved having the fire pit and sleeping in the tent. I also like to go out to eat with him and go hiking with him. I like to build a crane with dad(with the tinker toys). I like doing sword fights with dad before bed. I love you dad."

Elisabeth: "Dates with dad like when we went to target to get Annabelle a birthday present and we went out to eat at the mall. I like playing tinker toys with dad. I like when dad takes me to school and when we go to 'Dad's and donuts' together. I liked cleaning the kitchen with him and reading books with each other. I also like reading scriptures together, watching movies together and playing the guitar together."

Later Elisabeth added, "I like snuggling with him and I like when he makes the strawberry, banana smoothies."

My favorite memories with Scott from this year mostly revolve around our typical evenings together. We always eat dinner together as a family without any interruptions from phone, media etc. We work side by side and clean the kitchen together with the help of the children. We all gather in the living room for our 'song, scripture, prayer' time. Once the kids are in bed (I take the girls one night while Scott takes Char and then we switch the next night), Scott and I have some time to do what we want. Sometimes we'll play a game or clean. Sometimes we'll watch a movie while we fold laundry, sometimes we'll read, check email, blog, play guitar (I love listening to him play; it's so relaxing) and then we always have time together before we go off to sleep. We talk about our day or other things, we read scriptures or the ensign together, and sit/lay side by side while we read our scriptures individually and then we pray together. Throughout the year we go on dates and those are nice, especially when we get to go to the temple together(which doesn't happen very often right now because of Jane...for now we go separately), but what I remember most are our day-to-day evenings together. I love being with Scott and having him home with us. We have a very loving, respectful relationship; we're not sarcastic people and we try and always say and do things that show that love and respect to one another. Scott is a wonderful and amazing man. He's honest and hard working. He's talented and is good with his family and in fulfilling his callings with church. I'm grateful to have this 30-year-old man as my husband.

Thought I should clarify, that's rootbeer in the picture just in case there are some who read this that might not know us very well and get the wrong impression.

I love you Scott. Happy Birthday!

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You make Dad/Grandpa proud!