Friday, December 31, 2010

Tangled, rebounder and tongue

I want to start my blog book for 2010 so I'm doing a little bit of catching up.

1. While Elisabeth was on winter break and Scott had vacation from work we took the kids to the 'big theater' (that's what we call the normal priced theaters...if we take the kids to the theater it's usually to the 'dollar theater') for dinner and a movie. They earn activities when they fill up their fuzzy jar...they earn fuzzies by doing extra chores, listening the first time they are asked, being kind etc. We normally do free or very inexpensive activities(like play a board game together, have a movie night, make a treat) but since it was a holiday and we'd never done dinner at the theater with the kids we thought it'd be a fun experience. And we really wanted to see Tangled. They loved it! They all sat so well during the moving, they ate their food and even Jane was a gem! That movie was great!

2. We got a rebounder(mini trampoline) for Christmas. I like to change up exercises and this one is nice because it's not hard on your joints but you can get a really good aerobic workout. It can be hard or easy, depending on what kind of effort you're putting into it. I keep it downstairs in viewing distance of the TV. I love that the kids will go jump while they're watching Super Why or another movie. (By the way, Annabelle likes to dress herself or will sometimes accept the help of a sibling. I hope that explains the orange shirt, red socks, pink sparkly shoes and the ballerina outift over top. Before we go out in public I'll sometimes change her clothes....If I remember before it's too late, that is)

3. As mentioned in a previous post, Jane can twist her tongue. It's pretty cool. Here's proof, albeit blurry.


The Horne's said...

Elisa, someone told me a great idea, that I think can be pretty cheap. Create a button for the kids that you pin on them on the days they dress themselves that says "I DRESSED MYSELF TODAY" that way it takes the pressure off of you :-D
I thought it was a great idea. Sometimes I want to put a button on BK that says "Daddy dressed me today" :-D LOL

Maryann said...

I love seeing all the fun things your family does together. So much fun!