Monday, December 27, 2010


1. I recently updated our 72 hour kits. I had put together one of them 7 years ago. Apparently you're supposed to change the food and water in these every six months(or on expiration date which for some foods are a couple of years, but not for the foods in my bag). I tasted a few things. They were all nasty. Even the fruit snacks. They were hard and left a really strange after taste. The cheese from the cheesy snacks had turned a dark brown color which you can see in the picture. I didn't try that one. Sick. When I updated the bags I also wrote on my calendar for several months ahead, when to change the food again. Hopefully I'll read my calendar and do it.

2. A month or two ago Charlie got his pinky finger slammed in a door at our church building. It looked like it was okay. Then a few weeks later we noticed his finger nail area was changing color and the finger nail was really, really loose. It ended up falling off a few days later. It gave him no pain or trouble. He's doing fine, the nail just looks a little gross. Makes me shiver when I look at it. It's beginning to grow back. I know this picture is terrible, but it's all I've got.
3. This is a picture of Annabelle showing off her painted fingernails and her crazy, I mean cute hair that her brother did for her. She was wearing about 10 different clips. 4. I LOVE these candied pecans. We make them as a treat fairly often during the month of December. They are one of my favorites, partly because they're made from whole pecans and pure maple syrup and that's it. The recipe can be found under my recipe tab.
5. When Jane was born her eyes were a kind of dark blue/gray color. Now they're more of a hazel color. Always beautiful.

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