Friday, December 24, 2010

Gifts for Jesus

We started a new tradition last Christmas. During one of our Family Home Evening nights in December, we each write down a gift(or two or three) we want to give to Jesus on a white, cut out angel. The gifts are things we can give Him with our time/agency, that we know he'd want from us. Some of the things on our angels were: read scriptures daily, say morning prayer, sit with someone who is sitting alone, help sister when she's sad etc. We put the angels on our Christmas tree. Under the Christmas tree we only have one gift out before Christmas and that's a white box with a Christmas ribbon on top. Inside of the box has envelopes (or in our case, one envelope) with the year on them and angels from previous years tucked inside. On Christmas morning, before we start to unwrap our presents we say a prayer, read aloud our gifts to Jesus for this year, read aloud the gifts from previous years(or at least I think we'll do that) and then put the new angels in an envelope of their own and tie the box up again. We've modified/added to this tradition this year in order to allow us to better remember our Savior on this very special day.
And doesn't our Christmas tree look dang good?! :) I know you're all jealous and wish you could have a tree that looks this good. Ha! Just kidding. I know it's a bit crazy looking, but it's homey, well loved, and it's a constant reminder to me that we have four wonderful little children with some amazing personality and creative skills.


The Horne's said...

What kinds of gifts do you guys give? Like gifts of Kindness type things? What a great idea.

Elisa said...

Whoops! I forgot to put them on there. I'll add them in the post now.

April said...

It's darling. I like trees that way. :) What a sweet idea. Thanks for sharing.