Friday, December 17, 2010

Elisabeth's first piano recital

Elisabeth has been playing piano for six weeks now. They had a Christmas piano recital this week and she played Good King Wenceslas and did really well. I was nervous through the middle of her piece, and hoped she wouldn't forget the last line that we had to practice so many times with the aid of her piano book. But she remembered it(after a slight hesitation) and did really well. Good job Lis!

Here's a video of her performance:


Lindsay said...

That is so great! I plan to start Owen with piano once the new year hits. What books does she use? I'm debating between the Bastian book (I used those growing up) or the Piano Adventure books (which I've heard good things about too). Do you have any suggestions?

carrie r. said...

She is so sweet! She did really great!