Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Dinner

On the Eve of Christmas Eve we delivered goodie plates to neighbors and caroled at a couple of houses. We had originally planned on caroling at a couple more, but the kids were misbehaving, and Annabelle and Jane were crying so loudly, we decided to bag it... there's always next year.
Christmas Eve was much better. We had a fondue dinner and acted out the Nativity with our good friends the Ludwigs. We act out the Nativity every year and I love this tradition. It was nice having a few more kids to help play the roles. It was a very nice evening.

When we got home we let the kids open one gift. The oldest two got pajamas and Annabelle got a pair of pink sparkly shoes. Previous years, we had thought we'd do new pj's for everyone on Christmas Eve, but before Christmas this year, we took inventory of how many girl pj's we have in each size, and it's just way, way too many. I think the only one's who are going to need new pj's are our oldest boy and girl. I know that probably doesn't seem fair, but life isn't fair, right? And besides, it's not like the younger siblings aren't getting anything. Just not new clothes. Elisabeth and Char don't get all new clothes either. They get hand-me-downs from friends and cousins which I think is great. And they don't seem to mind it either. They're in good condition and new to them so it's all good. Anyway, back to Christmas...

Christmas morning Annabelle and Elisabeth came into our room at 5:55am. Scott and I don't usually sleep much anyway on Christmas Eve because we're too excited (for the kids, of course) so we were fine getting up. The girls woke up Charlie(we let Jane sleep) and then we met out in the living room near the tree and had a prayer. We pulled our angels off the tree, read them and put them in our envelope in the gift box for Jesus. After that we did stockings and then we took turns opening presents from youngest to oldest. The whole process took about an hour and a half. Each child gets three gifts from Mom and Dad (yes, we do that because Jesus got three gifts and because we don't like to go too overboard..this helps to keep us in check, I think), there were family gifts from us plus gifts from extended family.
I was hoping for a particular blender for Christmas and I was thrilled to get it! Scott said he got a bit of flak from the guys at work when they asked what he was getting for me and he told them a blender :). I told him that they just don't know me as well as he knows me. I was and am still SO excited about my blender. I know it's only been a week, but I use it several times a day. So far I've made green smoothies(many, many smoothies...they turn out SO much smoother in this blender; we are loving that!), ice cream, soup, and almond milk(a couple of batches). Next on my list is peanut butter.

Scott got the kids some tinker toys. I think he enjoys them just as much as they do. If you can't tell from this picture, he found some string to add to the tinker toys and made an amazing (and working) crane. That's my engineer! Scott went in to work for a little while a couple days this week and the kids would then ask me to make all these fancy things. So far, nothing has turned out. I think they decided it'd be best not ask me anymore. When they were working on an elevator today and I offered to help and worked on it for awhile with no apparent success, Elisabeth turned to me and said, 'That's okay Mom. Dad can do it.' And then Charlie said to Elisabeth, 'Yeah, he can make crane's too. We'll just wait for him to get home and then we'll have him help us. Right, Elisabeth?' Apparently I don't have the talent.

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YAY for good blenders!! Wahoo!!