Thursday, December 23, 2010

Billys Bootcamp- Cardio Inferno

I like to get some exercise in every day. When it's warm outside I take the kids for walks or I run when Scott's home. When it's cold out I usually do my elliptical machine or some exercise videos I own or check out from the library. A couple of weeks ago I got a new one: Billy's Boot Camp- Cardio Inferno. I loved his Tae Bo videos and this one is good as well. I've gotten the whole family to do it with me a couple of times on Saturdays or Holidays. I love watching the kids do it. They're awesome.

Billy Blanks is a good motivator...well at least for me. It's the simple things he says like, "no shakey, shakey" and "no gobble, gobble" when referring to the flab near your tricep or under arm area. You know, the spot that's especially embarrassing when you're leading music? Those phrases make me work extra hard. At the end of the video he also says something like, "Just do it. Don't try. Try has no power. You have to do it." I can't wait until Billy Blanks other work out video arrives from the library!

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