Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Family Newsletter

Smith Family Newsletter- 2010

Another year has come and gone. It's hard to believe that our baby Jane is already nine months old! That's the age Charlie started walking which turned him into a toddler. I'm definitely not ready for that yet. But Jane is not walking or crawling and we are, in fact, not encouraging early mobility. Jane seems to be growing very well in all areas, I just wish she'd slow down. Her two bottom teeth are adorable but they're also evidence that our little baby is getting bigger. I love this baby stage. I love that she clings to me and always wants to be near me. We all love to see Jane smile and we'll do the silliest things to see it or to hear her laugh.

Annabelle is two, though she'll be turning three in a couple of months. As the third and middle child, she has taken on the role of entertainer. She is hilarious and she knows it. She'll do anything for a laugh. She loves people and they love her. Annabelle's milestones for the year included daytime potty training, a broken foot, pumping her legs on a swing, and moving to a toddler bed and into a room with her sister Elisabeth. We can always hear them in their room for quite some time after they've gone to bed, singing songs and reading books together. Siblings are the best.

Charles is four, nearly five. He'll start kindergarten in August, but for now we have our own in-home preschool. Charlie is getting pretty good at reading and writing and he's also great on his bike; riding with two wheels was something he learned how to do this year. Although Charlie is surrounded by sisters, he is all boy. He loves to wrestle, play ball, swords, dragons, and cars. Char and Annabelle have become good friends since Elisabeth is at school full time. They take turns deciding what to do with their time. Usually they choose cars, babies, house or digging in the sand.

Elisabeth turned six this year and started piano lessons. She is in school full time and really enjoying it. She is a good little helper at home so she is missed during the day by all. Elisabeth is at such a fun age. I love that we can joke and tell stories together. She is good with her younger siblings, willing to help with the things they need, and eager to teach them the things she knows.

Meeting the needs of our young family keeps me on my toes. It's hard work and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Scott continues to work with the same civil engineering firm and we're continuously grateful that he has a job. Together we enjoy reading, playing games, wholesome movies, music and food. We've been incorporating more healthy foods into our life and I'm grateful to have a loving husband who eats and puts a smile on his face when trying a new dish/experiment.

We love the Christmas season and the spirit it brings. We are so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the reason we're here. He is the reason we're happy. He is everything good and wonderful. We love you all and are so grateful to call you friends and family.

Love Always,

The Smiths

Scott, Elisa, Elisabeth, Charles, Annabelle & Jane


The Horne's said...

Merry Christmas to your beautiful family.

carrie r. said...

Merry Christmas Elisa! Great Christmas letter! I have enjoyed reading about your adventures and keeping up with your family on your blog year-round. You have such beautiful, wonderful kids and I am continually in awe of you and how you are always trying new things and working hard to better yourself as a mom, homemaker, and individual. Lots to admire about you. :) Thanks for your example.

Samantha said...

Thanks for the letter. You are such a great mom!