Friday, November 12, 2010

She won!

Elisabeth entered into a drawing to win a bike. All she had to do was walk to school a few days a week, each week, during the month of September and then send in her record sheet to the school to be entered into a drawing to win either a bike, scooter or a couple other small items. She ended up winning a new bike and helmet! The bike is cute and girly with streamers and everything! She loves it.

Her other bike wasn't that old so it'll be perfect for Char especially since it's a boy bike (I just removed all the 'freestyle' stickers to make it a little less boyish for her). This was perfect timing because Charlie's ghetto bike just had both the tires pop so we can toss it in the garbage, which is where it belongs. Seriously, it was originally magenta, I spray painted over it with dark blue but the blue wore off on the handles and pedals. So he had a dark blue sparkly bike with pink handles and petals, one white tire and one black tire with bright pink rims. Yeah, I decided after buying this last garage sale fixer-upper bike that I would never do it again, unless it was in perfect condition with good tires. We've painted a few bikes and it always wears off, plus there's the cost of buying all the paint and if it needs new tires...those are not cheap. So anyway, congratulations Elisabeth!


Kimberlyn said...

Good job Elisabeth

Angela said...

That is awesome!! I wish I could have seen her cute little face.