Wednesday, November 10, 2010


For those of you who have children like mine, who play dress-up all the time, I thought I'd share a sale on Halloween costumes. The Kmart round about 4100 South and Redwood Road has a really good selection of childrens Halloween costumes for 75% off. We got a witch, a ninja and a cowgirl costume today, two were $3 and the other one was $6. I'm going to save these and give them to the kids for Christmas since they dress-up all year round.

Just in case anyone is looking for something in particular they also had knights, firemen, darth vader, another star wars one, iron man, dracula, princess, genie, crayon and more. Most are for elementary and toddler aged children...I always get mine big and then we tie them up with rubberbands for a year or so to get more use out of them. They also had adult costumes but I didn't look through them.

The second sale I've taken advantage of was for Shade clothing. They recently closed all their stores and their online business and brought everything out to their warehouse in pleasant grove. I went a few times and got quite a few things including shirts, under shirts, zip up hoodies, maternity tops(not pregnant now but hope to be some day in the not-so-near future), and pants. Most items were $2 and $3! Sweet. Let me just say here that I never do that. I rarely shop for me and I've never, ever bought so many at one time, but it was such a good deal, and I love their clothes so I indulged. Generally, when we go clothing shopping, it's for the kids because they grow so fast and they're always needing things. Anyway, Shade still has a little left, but mostly xxl sizes. Sorry I didn't get this info on here earlier. They didn't send out an email until the evening before and would only have the sale for a few hours the following day and many times I didn't get the email until that morning.

Last deal/sale: we got a $10 off coupon in the mail (check your ads, you might get one too)for both Kohls and JC Penny when you spend $10. I haven't used the Kohls one yet but I did get Lightning McQueen slippers for Charlie for Christmas and only spent $2. We decided last year that each child would get 3 gifts for Christmas (just as Jesus was presented with 3 gifts), so besides getting pajamas for Char and Annabelle, I think I'm done with the Christmas shopping for the kids! I don't even have to go to the black Friday sales this year! But I might anyway....

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