Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mission reunion

Every October, Scott's mission president from when he served in Italy(2000-2002), has a reunion and light dinner at his house in Salt Lake City. There are also mission reunions every April, but they're held at a church building. We always try and make it out to the October reunion because, being in a home, it's a more comfortable setting for our young family. They have a toy room, lots of other little kids come and play, there's food and you can come dressed casually. The first couple reunions I attended with Scott were a little tedious to me for a few reasons: I didn't know anybody, they were held at a church building instead of a home which seemed less comfortable and more formal, and I didn't have any children to play with at the time. But now we have kids I can play with, I recognize and have become friends with a couple of women and I've read through Scott's mission journal and looked through all his pictures a couple of times so I can put more names with faces.

Here's a picture of our family with President Pacini


carrie r. said...

Elisa, you look like a super model in this photo!

Elisa said...

Ha! I don't think so. :) But thanks Carrie, that's sweet of you to say.

The Horne's said...

Elisa, first of all you are so beautiful, I love your hair cut and I love it dark!
Also - some missionaries that we became really good friends with a few years ago - well he and his wife had returend to Bellingham (this is where he served) and we tried to visit each other, but it didn't work out - but so funny that Scott's mission leader was in town too! So fun!