Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

For our Family Home Evening activity this week, we sat in a circle on the floor, held hands and took turns telling what we were thankful for. Each person said one thing on their turn, and we each had three turns. The rules were: no repeats and tell what you're most thankful for.

Dad- that he has Thursday and Friday off, his job, and our overall good health

Mom- Jesus, our home and our Prophet

Elisabeth- our family, food, and teachers and clothes (I know that's more like 4 things but we let it go this time :))

Charles- Heavenly Father, toys and books

Annabelle- her bed/blankets, her church teachers and temples

Jane- if Jane could talk I'm sure she'd say she's grateful for mommy's milk(she's really not liking baby food), her pointer and middle fingers (b/c she loves to suck on them), and for a fun home/family (she squeals with delight whenever her siblings come to talk or play with her)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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