Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cooking is dangerous

I made stir fry yesterday. I dumped some frozen veggies into a pan with hot oil. The hot oil jumped out and got me on my left forearm. I put cold water on it immediately, held a cold wash cloth to it for awhile, and put on some burn ointment, but even then, it felt like it continued to burn for a couple hours after. And now my arm looks like I have a disease since it's covered in red welts. But at least it's feeling better.

I know it seems really not-smart(we don't say s-t-u-p-i-d in our house, but that's what it was) to have dumped frozen veggies on really hot oil, but to my credit (maybe), I didn't know the oil was that hot because I had just put it in the pan. And I thought I had 'just' turned on the pan, but thinking back, it might not have been, 'just' turned on. It may have been on the burner on med-high heat for 5-10 minutes. I get so distracted with the kids and other things that sometimes I forget. In the future, I'll remember to flick a drop of water at the oil first and see if it begins to sizzle.

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kelley said...

I just recently burned my arm pretty good from hot oil while I was browning a roast. I wasn't as smart as you by getting cold water on it right away. I needed to keep turning the roast so it wouldn't burn! Both of my splatter spots blistered up. I'm honestly surprised I haven't had more cooking related injuries...