Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bowtie Pasta Salad

I love, love this pasta salad recipe! Charlie is crazy for it, too. I got it from my good friend April H. There are two options for the dressing. I always do the homemade dressing.

Crack salad or Bowtie pasta salad


1 box bowtie pasta-cook 12 min

1 can pineapple tidbits; drained

1 ½ c sliced celery(3 stalks)

3 green onions, sliced thin

2 c cashews, lightly salted

1-2 c Red grapes or craisins (i've always used craisins)


You can do either/or

1. 1 bottle cole slaw dressing

1 c mayo


Homemade recipe **

1 ¼ c mayo

1/3 c sugar

¼ c vinegar

¼ tsp celery seed

Mix and add 2/3 of dressing to the salad. Let stand. Add the rest just before serving.

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Robin said...

Thanks-this was really good and I'm glad to have the recipe.