Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dad, Super Girl cape and mask

My dad, Grandpa Garnica, is out visiting right now and we're enjoying our visit with him. We try and get out somewhere every day for a little while so he doesn't get too bored, and since too much walking and other movement is getting hard on his old bones (he's 84), we seem to go out to eat quite a bit which the kids are loving.
My mom always packs a bag of items for each kid when one of them travels out here. Here are a couple pictures of the girls showing off some of their new stuff. She sent Jane a Super Girl fleece outfit which looks like the previous owner must've had a cape that snapped on. This past weekend while at Walmart, I got some shiny pink fabric and thought I'd try and make a cape out of it. For those of you who know me, you know I have extremely minimal sewing talent; for proof, just take a look at the badges I 'sewed' onto Scott's scout uniform some months ago. I used a straight stitch on his circular badges, but it looks like I used some sort of funky zigzag setting that produces uneven zigs and zags all over the place...and a few of them never got sewed on there all the way around so they are loose. Anyhow, I took my material home, measured Jane from shoulder to knee and then the width of the outfit, added an inch to each, made the bottom of the cape a bit wider and produced something that actually resembles a cape!

I folded the fabric in half here and made the shape of the cape and straps in chalk on the backside of the fabric.
I was so pleased that nothing went seriously wrong. Of course the stitching isn't in a perfect line and I had some difficulties when I had to turn the garment right-side-out and try and sew the last bit without showing any fraying edges, but all in all, everything turned out alright. Just don't look too closely. :)
I added a little sticky-back velcro to the straps. If I'd had the normal sew-on velcro I would've done that as it holds up better, but alas, I did not have any on hand, just the sticky stuff.
I decided to try and make a mask for good measure. It looks alright in these pictures, but it's really not very well done at all. And it's a bit small and tight, so she won't be wearing it over her eyes on Halloween, but rather as a headband which still looks really cute.
Super Girl to the rescue!!!


carrie r. said...

Jane looks so cute in that outfit! I have absolutely NO sewing skills whatsoever so I am really impressed how cute your cape looks. Good job!

Casey said...

I love the cape. Great job! And I think the mask looks adorable. Masks are hard!

Krissy said...

It just made my day to see Jane in that costume.

Margot said...

The cape looks wonderful. And, oh my goodness, Jane is oh-so-very-cute.

Sarah said...

Jane looks super cute!! Good job!!