Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Wednesday

It's over!Yay! I love our annual Super Wednesday/Saturday craft activity day, but being on the planning end, it's a bit stressful and very, very busy. I'm always glad to have it be done for the year. Now I've got several months before we need to start planning the next one. :) Everything went well. We had an especially good turn out for dinner and we had quite a few people help out on a quilt we were tying to give to the humanitarian center. Here are the projects I completed:

An Easter home decoration and 4 clipboards that I scrapbooked and mod podged:

I'll save the clipboards for Christmas presents for the kids. They color and write notes all day and are always looking for something hard to put their paper on. I know Jane is a little young, but I figure some day, Jane will feel left out and want one of her own.

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