Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin painting and temple square with Dad

The past few years we've been getting mini pumpkins for the kids to paint instead of doing a lot of carving. This way is a little less messy and there's more involvement from everyone. Scott and I even painted our own pumpkins this year as well.
The day before my dad left, I thought it'd be nice to drive up to Salt Lake and drive around temple square area since that's where my mom and dad were married 40 years ago. I didn't think we'd walk around because it's so big and my dad's knees It turned out there was a parking spot right outside the gate by the south visitors center so we parked and got out and walked around for a little while. We all had a really nice time and my dad's only regret was that we didn't come out here earlier on in the week and get to see a few more places within temple square. We got to see the new model of the temple which is pretty cool and my kids loved watching all the video clips the church makes on families.

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carrie r. said...

That is a really cute photo of you and your kids all in snow boots. You are such a beautiful mother Elisa!