Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quick weight loss solution

Okay, here it is. This is all you've got to do: vomit ten times within 6 hours plus have diarrhea and eat close to nothing for a whole day, and voila! You're down 5 lbs in one day! Ugh, that's what I experienced this weekend plus fever and chills off and on. I had a horrid Saturday night. As I try to look for the good and positive in everything, the weight drop was nice and this experience made me very grateful for good health.

We caught a 24 hour bug, first Charles then Elisabeth, Me and then Scott. I was SO grateful that Annabelle and Jane were spared from this(we'll keep our fingers crossed that it's all gone now). My body must be more sensitive than the others because I definitely had it the worst. We all got ours a day apart and in the order listed above. It was nice that Scott and I weren't sick at the same time so the healthy one was able to take care of the children.

Oh, and by the way, trying to go without sugar is practically impossible. Especially when you have friends and neighbors(which we all do, I hope) or teachers that give out small bags of M&Ms as a reward for completing homework :). Sweet. Or at least, Elisabeth thinks so. Anyway, we're doing a lot less around here, but I try not to freak out when we have some. And since we're having nice weather, we have the fire pit out occasionally, and of course there's got to be smores :).

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