Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our menu

*Annabelle eating her granola. Charlie and Annabelle LOVE granola!*hummus, lettuce, tomato and whole wheat tortilla wrap that Scott and I like.
A couple of friends have asked me to post what kinds of things Scott and I and our 4 little ones eat on a regular basis. Even though we try to typically eat things that are pretty healthy choices, you'll see that we're not perfect. You can click on the links to find the recipes for certain items.
-plain yogurt sweetened with stevia or granola
-zucchini bread
-multigrain crackers with hummus(okay, the kids don't like the hummus, but Scott and I love it!)
-carrots and ranch(or hummus for me)
-fruit leather
-saltine crackers and cheese or natural peanut butter
-green smoothie
-multigrain chips and salsa
-home-made rice crisp treats
Breakfast items:
-whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter
-green smoothie
-scrambled eggs and ketchup
-pancakes or waffles(made from scratch with half whole wheat) with natural peanut butter and pure maple syrup
-oatmeal and stevia
-bran flakes or cheerios with milk (often times soy or rice milk)
-home made granola with milk
Lunch items:(usually served with fruit and/or carrots and ranch)
-natural peanut butter and honey on wheat bread
-sometimes leftovers from dinner
Wow, we are really boring lunch people. But that's truly how it is in our house.
Dinner items:
-spaghetti(half whole wheat) with red sauce and grated zucchini(so the kids can't tell)
-pasta with same red sauce and zucchini(we usually only do the zucchini when it's in our garden)
-pizza(made from scratch, half whole wheat)-we do this most every Friday
-soft tacos-whole wheat tortillas, black or pinto beans, sometimes whole sometimes refried, -cheese and sometimes shredded chicken.
-Hot dogs (ha! I told you we weren't perfect :))
-salad(we have this out every night and they all have a little)

We have other dinner items we try, but these ones are pretty regular and ones that all the kids love. I probably make at least one dish a week they don't really like, and we just make them try a little and if they still really don't want it they can put something together themselves. They'll usually pull out cheese and whole wheat tortillas and put together their own soft taco/quesadilla or they'll just have saltine crackers with cheese or natural peanut butter.

Rice Crisp Treats
Oatmeal walnut and dried plum cookies
shortbread cookies
peanut butter cups
zucchini bread
-Nada Moo, Purely Decadent or Bliss are my quick fix treats(ice cream, sort of) that I will sometimes have in the freezer for when I'm feeling like having something sweet, now! But I don't want to make a terrible choice. These are non-dairy and sweetened with natural sweeteners like agave. Non dairy is SO much better for my body and baby Jane's. The real stuff doesn't sit well in our bodies.

And of course we like other desserts too, but generally, if we're feeling like something sweet or we just want to bake, I try and do these.

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