Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jane is 6 months old

Jane is 6 months old! Man, how the time flies when you're having fun. We sure love our little Jane, also known as "Janey" or "Jane, Jane" or "Pumpkin". She is so sweet and lovable. We give her smiling face lots of kisses all day long. The kids still enjoy holding her, though Jane doesn't always love to be held by them. When we say any of those names mentioned above, she'll look at you and give you the biggest smile. Here are some other things about Jane at 6 months:

~She's sitting!

~We've added rice cereal to her solid food assortment which also includes pureed zucchini and squash.

~She's still an awesome sleeper. I really couldn't have asked for anything better. I know I've mentioned her amazing sleeping habits several times before, but it's because I'm continuously grateful. It's so much easier to be a good, active mom when you've had a good nights sleep.

~She's slobbering like crazy, and I think she's in the process of cutting a bottom front tooth.

~And she enjoys being near all of her siblings and watching them in action.
*P.S. I'll post her stats after her doctors appointment which is scheduled later on in the week

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