Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hike the Y

We hiked the BYU 'Y' on labor day. We'd never done it before, and always wanted to and I'm glad we did. There were lots of other people-students and families- hiking the Y, and many times, people would stop and make a comment about our young family: "Good job kids!" and "See, if these little ones can make it, we can too!" and "Are these your kids?" And when we'd answer yes, "All of them are yours?" yes, again. And, my personal favorite:"You have a beautiful family." Thank you very much. :) I also got asked if Charles and Elisabeth were twins.

The hike was steep and a little dusty and rocky, but the view of BYU campus and the Provo temple was neat and it wasn't too long, about 2 miles round trip.

After our hike we took the kids to BYU campus and walked around. We walked them through the library and the Wilkinson Center. Many of the other buildings were closed for the holiday. We also drove by the apartments where Scott and I first met, and Wymount student family housing where Elisabeth was born. Such fun and fond memories we have of BYU and our young and small family. But I'm glad we're here now and done with that chapter of our lives :).

We ended our day with some yummy corn on the cob. Charlie and Annabelle (and the adults) LOVE corn on the cob.

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