Monday, September 20, 2010

Evening with friends

Last weekend we had my friend Lindsay(who is also our amazing photographer) and her family over for dinner. We love spending time with their little family, probably because we're in such similar circumstances: we both graduated from BYU, we've been married for about the same amount of time, we're about the same age and we both have 4 little kids, the last two of which are about a month apart.
Elisabeth, Emerson and Owen
Annabelle and Elizabeth dressed up in princess dresses for most of the night.

We scooted Jane and Amelia next to each other for a picture, but Jane kept putting her hand on Amelia's face, so we had to separate them :).

Eating smores
Scott and Matt made the smores for everyone.
Matt and Lindsay

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Lindsay said...

Love the pics! That was such a fun night! Do you mind emailing me those pics? I would love to have them. Those pics of our 2 babies just slay me. And Elizabeth talks about Annabelle everyday now and her snow white dress!