Thursday, September 2, 2010

Colds and dislocated elbow bill

I knew after I wrote that post on sugar, we'd get sick. And we did. Well, I didn't. But everyone else has or had runny noses. But they also were not going completely without sugar. I mentioned we ate at IHOP on Saturday and we all had lots of syrup :) (and don't quote me here, but I'm guessing they don't serve 100% maple syrup), amongst other things. Either way, we are doing much, much less sugar and feeling really good, generally speaking. I actually think we were pretty lucky. Elisabeth just went back to school, which means lots of shared germs, and last week, both of the kids that sit next to her desk, got sick: first with colds and then throwing up. She never did get the throwing up part, and her cold only lasted about two days. I hope we come out of this soon and without any ear infections. Oh, and by the way. We got our doctors bill today for our visit a month back with Annabelle's dislocated elbow. Wanna guess how much the two-second(literally) visit cost us? $179, and that's with insurance. They sure didn't save us much. The bill before insurance was $237. And, unfortunately, we've already used up our flex spending for the year. If this ever happens again, I think I'm going to try and fix it myself. I did some reading up on it and it doesn't look too complicated. Let's just hope this never happens again.

Just for fun: I can't seem to get enough of these superheros!

Scary, huh?


Rachel said...

So sorry to hear about your doctors bill. There is nothing more frustrating to me then medical and dentist bills. Why else do we pay insurance fees every month!! I love reading about all the healthy lifestyle changes you are making. I agree 100% with you that sugar affects the immune system. We are also trying to reduce sugars dramatically. Keep posting all your ideas, research,and recipes I love it!!!

Shayla Taylor said...

E- When Ellie had nursemaid elbow, the doctor made us fix it and showed us how. She has done it a few times since and have been able to easily fix it. I'll make a video and send it to you so you can see. It is SO easy. :)