Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This past week, Charlie put all of his clean and folded clothes away-and there were two big stacks- the first time I asked! Congratulations Charlie! You made Mom's day!
Annabelle can start herself and pump when she's on the swings. This actually isn't a very new accomplishment, she's been doing it for many months, but because she's so young and little, it still looks so cute so I thought I'd take note. Yay for independence!

Charlie has completed all the letters of the alphabet. This means he not only recognizes them and knows their sounds, but he also can write them all in upper and lower case. Congratulations Charles!

Jane is old enough and strong enough to sit in the saucer and the high chair. This makes life easier for Mom. Jane has also been doing this for about a month. Better recorded late than never, right?Elisabeth is learning all sorts of new things at school: how to buy lunch using a punch code, how to put her bike in the bike cage and not have it fall over, how to play nicely and resolve conflicts with lots of different children and I'm sure some academic things as well. And she has also been more of a help with Jane and her other younger siblings. She can hold Jane while standing, granted I don't let her do it often and only when I'm near, but sometimes I just need my hands and Jane is in them so Elisabeth will stand beside me and hold her for a few minutes while I finish a task.

And here is a random picture I had that I want in my blog book but didn't want to make a separate post:

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