Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sensitive ears

I've always had sensitive ears when it comes to wearing earrings. Even when I wear earrings that say things like, "nickel free" or "sensitive ears", my ears still tend to turn red and itchy and will sometimes bleed. It's not fun. Elisabeth has seen me standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom, tensing as I jab another cheap earring in so that I have something fun to match an outfit. And because of it, she says she never wants to get her ears pierced. She couldn't understand why I'd do that to myself. And I didn't have a good explanation. Beauty is pain, right? I don't like that saying.

A few months ago, I finally put my foot down. I stopped wearing earrings. I started looking into perhaps doing clip-ons instead. But then a friend of mine who wears clip-ons, told me they always hurt her. I finally came up with a solution. Just like the fake 'fat ring' I wear, turns my skin green but my white gold one doesn't do a thing(that rhymes!), I decided that I'd just have to bite the bullet and buy a nice pair of earrings that were made from real gold. I wanted something plain and simple like a cubic zirconia or a little pearl that I could wear with everything.

I checked out the earrings they sell at Claire's when getting your ears pierced which are gold and white gold. Each pair ranged from $35-$45. I kept looking and in the meantime, I gave Scott's mom all of my earrings(probably 20 pair or so) I'd had from before, so I wouldn't be tempted to put them in anymore. A couple of weeks ago, Kohl's was having a jewelry sale. I found two pairs of gold earrings that sold together, a pearl and a cubic zirconia, normally $75, on sale for $25! I got them and have been wearing them every day since without any pain or blood! Wahoo!

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