Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pillow Pet

We ate dinner at IHOP (by the way, kids eat free from 4-10pm in August) tonight. We were seated at a table near a booth where an older couple sat, who hadn't gotten their food order yet. Upon seeing our family with 4 little children be seated near them, they quickly stood up and moved to another table across the restaurant. I wasn't offended at all. And it's not like this was the first time we've scared people away by our size(large in numbers, small in stature= rowdy and sometimes unruliness.).

Anyway, all four kids did amazingly well. Charlie was the only one who got up from his seat. After we talked to him a few times (aka, threatened him with a to-be-named-in-the-future-consequence once we got home that we could assure him he would really not like), he finally decided to sit back down in his chair and not climb on top of empty booth benches or stand on his chair.

During one of our many dinner conversations, Charles asked if we could get him a pillow pet for his birthday(which isn't for another 5 months).
"Uh, sure. Where did you see a pillow pet?" Scott asked trying to figure out what exactly this thing was.
"I saw it on a commercial. It looks like a pet and then it turns into a pillow and you can sleep on it."
"Cool," Scott said and I nodded in agreement.
"And it's great for travel!" Char said.
"Yeah and you can even wash it in your washing machine!" Elisabeth added.

Scott and I laughed and were quite amused at all they remembered from this commercial. And so of course, when we got home we had to google, 'pillow pet commercial' to see if we could watch what our kids saw. Here it is:

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