Saturday, August 21, 2010

Charlie is on 2 wheels!

We took off Charlie's training wheels a couple of weeks ago. Elisabeth got hers off when she was four too, but we haven't done much with Charles and his bike since then, because he doesn't like to practice (aka fall).

Now that we're walking to school and back home in the mornings, which is just over a mile and a half round trip, Charlie has started to complain during our walk and he wishes he could ride his bike. I decided it's time for him to learn to ride with two wheels, even if he hates me for making him try. For a couple of mornings now, I've put his bike in the van and we drive over to our church which is probably 2 blocks away. Annabelle gets out and plays on the steps, Jane sits in her car seat with the doors open in the van, or with me in a shady spot on the grass, and Charles rides around the parking lot. It only took him a few minutes to get it down, and now he can ride all by himself. But it's nice for him to have the wide open space to practice because he's not great at steering. But he's working on it. And if you couldn't tell from these pictures, Charles is absolutely beaming every time he rides. Great job Char!

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Vanessa said...

Cute, what a great accomplishment for him