Friday, June 4, 2010

Update on Annabelle's potty training

We started potty training awhile back, but nothing too consistent. I wanted her to get used to the potty and see how things are done. We would have her go around in her underwear for several hours and let her see how it feels to wet herself and try and sit on the potty. But after a couple of days we'd stop and then try again in a week or so. I really wanted this to be as stress-free as possible for all of us. Then a few weeks ago I asked Elisabeth if she'd help by sitting with Annabelle and reading books to her while she sat on her potty for awhile to see if she could get her pee to go in the potty. Elisabeth did this a couple of times and that's really all it took for Annabelle to start feeling comfortable going pee in the potty. Annabelle is doing SO good now! For the past couple of weeks she's been peeing on her own, in the toilet. And when I say, 'on her own,' I mean when she's inside the house and she needs to go she'll just go walk herself to the toilet and go and then tell me once she's finished! And even though I still keep a diaper on her during nap time, she's been dry for awhile and will tell me right when she wakes up that she needs to go pee.

Going number two in the toilet still isn't quite as comfortable yet. In fact, yesterday was the first day she actually got it in the toilet. Previously, she would just go in her underwear or worse, take off her underwear and go on the floor. Yuck. She didn't go at all today and I can tell she's a bit nervous about doing it in the toilet, but hopefully she'll continue to improve. We told her when she went poop in the potty and was peeing regularly she'd get to go pick out some new underwear. She did that yesterday with Daddy. Also, every time she went pee she got to put beans in the bean jar(I'd tell her one but she'd always grab a hand full, which I decided was okay too because it just means we get to have another fun family outing soon). At the very beginning, when we were first trying to get her to go pee in the potty, and again recently when we were first trying to get her to go number two, we also bribed her with movie watching privileges: she could pick a movie to watch if she'd just go in her potty. But like I said, we only do that for the first couple of times while she's easing into it.

Overall, Annabelle is doing a great job and we hope she keeps up the good work!

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kelley said...

Haha. I love that she's smiling on the toilet. She's gonna hate those pictures when she gets older :)