Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sharing the love

1. For all of you bloggers who like to turn your blogs into books, go to this blog to get a coupon code to use on blurb.com (the blog/book making website) for $39.95 off. Yes, that's right $39.95 off. The catch is that you can only use the coupon code once and you have to use it by August, so get crackin! Thanks Mary for sharing this info on your blog. I already printed my blog book for this year but have been wanting extra copies that I can give the kids when they're older. So I ordered an extra copy earlier this week with the coupon. Awesome!

2. I was able to attend a class last week by the Green Smoothie Girl. I checked out one of her books from the library before I went and read up on her blog so that I didn't come completely ignorant to the things she was talking about and I've learned quite a bit about green smoothies and her lifestyle. I think it would be safe to call her an extremist when it comes to healthy living. She is very opinionated. I don't agree with everything she does, but the green smoothies, in my opinion, are spot on. I've been drinking them for three weeks now and I still think they're the coolest thing ever. She suggests adults drink a quart a day, though a pint is great too. I drink a quart because I love it and I feel so good when I do. I could probably drink even more than that but fresh and frozen fruit isn't cheap, so I just fill up my Nalgene bottle in the morning and drink half of it for breakfast and finish the rest by lunch. A quart has 15 servings of fruit and vegetables(combined). Scott drinks a glass in the morning with breakfast and our kids don't drink a lot, but they do have some every day, by choice. I will usually drink mine with a straw and when they see me, they come over and ask me to share. And I do. And sometimes they ask for a glass of their own. If you haven't tried this, you should. I've been learning more about food and nutrition and it really is so important for us to put good things(whole foods, fresh fruit and veggies) in our bodies. It helps prevent and cure so many diseases which makes sense since God made this earth and all the plants and animals and tells us what we should eat to keep our bodies healthy and strong. In order to do these smoothies, you do need to use a high powered blender or a food processor in order to get your spinach and kale chopped up nice and smooth.

One more thing I wanted to share about health and nutrition is a video Scott and I just watched from my friend April's website. There are 4 parts to the video, each segment about 10 minutes long, but sit down with your hubby and watch. That way you can both be on the same page. The guy being interviewed, Michael Pollan, is entertaining. Scott and I chuckled several times. You can find the videos here. They're titled, In Defense of Food. One highlight from the video that I'll share: he said to pretend that you have your 100 year old great grandmother with you while you're shopping at the grocery store. You're not allowed to buy things she wouldn't recognize, and example he gave was 'go-gurt' tubes. You could also include things like Dino buddies, Trix, cheetos, twinkies etc. And he also said, while shopping, to shop the perimeter because that's generally where the whole foods are: fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy.

I hope you enjoy these links.


Lindsay said...

what's the book called that your read? sounds interesting. would you recommend it?

Elisa said...

It's called The Green Smoothies Diet. It was pretty good. I'm glad I read it. It had some good info on the nutrients different plants provide which was interesting to read. I didn't know plants provided any protein which was nice to learn.