Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial weekend

Here are some things we did this Memorial day weekend:

Lost a tooth: Elisabeth lost her third tooth. This one was the top front tooth. It was a bit bloody coming out because she actually hit it on a slide at a neighbors house. But she said it didn't hurt and she wasn't crying so I guess she's alright. The tooth fell among the grass and we never recovered it. She said she left a note for the tooth fairy under her pillow, but I wasn't given this information until the following morning; I told her to write another note and put it in a more obvious place, like her desk, to help remind the tooth fairy.

Yard work- and while doing yard work we found a snake. Char quickly ran inside to grab his snake book(not that he has a snake fettish, we just have lots of books and a large variety), and did a quick look through and decided that it was a spitting cobra. It was, in actuality, a gardener snake. Scott got rid of it, but asked that I take a picture of it before hand. I didn't want to do this, I didn't want to look at it at all in fear that it would reappear in my dreams, so I just pointed the camera in the general direction of where he was pointing and hoped that would be good enough. And it was. You can see the nasty thing for yourself:

Bowling-the kids filled up the family bean jar and wanted to go bowling as their family outing. Scott and the two oldest played. Annabelle rolled a ball a couple of times and then I just walked her around the alley, we bought a cookie and a cinnamon breadstick, and then she sat at a race car video game and pretended to play. Jane slept in her car seat so she stayed near Scott.

Hiking and a BBQ- Monday morning we met our friends the Arkell's and went for a hike in Park City. It was only about one mile both ways, but with 8 kids and with the steepness of the mountain, it was a good amount. We had a lot of fun. I love going on hikes with the family. Scott carried Annabelle in the back pack and I carried Jane in the Moby carrier. Afterward we played, had a picnic and played at a large field at the foot of the mountain. We brought kites, balls, frisbee's etc.

Later Monday evening we went to a BBQ at our friend's the Ludwigs. The weather was perfect and we had a really nice time together.

Bikes-we got Elisabeth an 18'' bike and then took the wheels off her 12'' princess bike and put them on another garage sale bike I painted for Char. He's been stealing all the neighbor kids bikes with training wheels, so it was about time he had his own set of wheels. They ride all the time.
Charlie riding our neighbor Sadie's bike.

And some other random pictures that I've wanted to put on here:

Can you see the mother duck hiding in there? She laid eggs in our neighbors front yard and rarely comes out. But when she does, and if you walk past, she'll start quacking at you and run back and sit on her eggs.
see her booking it back to her eggs:

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BAWC said...

Bummer, i was hoping she would choose our yard to lay the eggs :) oh well, looks like a fun weekend. you are looking good too (you bounce back so quickly).

the story about elisabeth makes me sad, punk kids!!