Thursday, June 3, 2010

I love my BYU roomies

Today I had a few of my old roomies from BYU over with their kids. It was so much fun! I haven't seen a couple of them in a few years, since they've been out of state(and one out of country). It was so nice to visit with them and meet their kids. The neatest thing is remembering how life was and how we were in college, and comparing it to what we've become these past seven years. We were all silly, care-free girls then, who loved to eat, and dance and play, and now we're mothers, who still love to eat and play, and are perhaps silly at times. But we've grown so much. You can tell by the conversations we carry and the way we interact with each other and with our families. I love these ladies. I am lucky to have been able to share a part of my life with them.

And Mary, I do count you as a roomie, even though you moved out just before I moved in. We shared all the same roommates and I still saw you often enough to have been a roommate and I loved you like the other gals.
Jessie, Mary and April:
The boys enjoyed playing with Charlie's cars and tools.

The girls dressed up and played with babies.
Jess, April, Mary and me and my Moose hands. Thank you very much April :). Love you all and hopefully we'll get to catch up with our other roomies soon!


April said...

Thanks for hosting us, E. The snacks were delightful and the company lovely. :) It looks like Natty wants to join us and do it again next month!

Rachel said...

What a fun day!! It is so neat that you all still keep in touch. Looks like you had a really fun time!

Mary said...

Elisa, those pictures are so great. Thanks so much for having us over. I TOTALLY count you as a roommate -- I am so sad that we never actually got to live together! But the girls talked about you so much that I felt like I knew you! Anyway, thanks again. It was so fun. And look at those cute kids. I love that picture of Annabelle and Kelsey.