Sunday, June 6, 2010

Horse back riding

Our friend Shauna had us over to her place for horse back riding this weekend. Annabelle was really nervous when I put her on the saddle by herself, so I jumped on with her for the ride. Charles liked it alright, but didn't need more than one turn. Elisabeth on the other hand could've ridden for hours. She loved it and when her siblings refused a second go-around, she happily volunteered to take their place. Thanks Shauna!

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Cookie Dough said...


That's fun that you found my little blog; I found your blog a few weeks ago, too. We don't have a family blog (my husband thinks it's too public), but we do send out a monthly email newsletter. If you want, I could send that to you; I can just get your email address from Maren.

I love reading your blog; your kids are all so cute. I think you've done a lot in your 27 years (I'm also 27 and haven't nearly the experience you have.)

Have a great day!