Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Elisabeth!

Our first born is now six years old! She's had several accomplishments/milestones this year: She finished her first year of school(kindergarten), she's reading chapter books and writing full sentences, she can read her scriptures on her own, she can do jump rope, she lost four teeth, she can ride a big two wheeler now(though she's been riding her smaller two wheeler bike since she was 4), and she's getting to be so responsible. She will help Annabelle get all dressed and ready and she not only bathes herself, but she washes Annabelle too, hair and all, when they take baths together.

We sure love our sweet Elisabeth and are so blessed to have her as a member of our family.

Some pictures from this weekend and today:
Ballet slippers and a dress with a matching baby dress from Granny.

Here she is opening Mom and Dad's gifts before breakfast. Gifts from family before breakfast has become a tradition in our household. Another tradition is that the birthday boy/girl gets to choose the menu for the day. We had german pancakes for breakfast, Dino buddies for lunch, and Burger King for dinner(nice combo after my health food post. But we don't eat like this all the time). Her gifts from mom and dad were clothes I bought at an end of the season sale some time ago, and rollerblades(we were lucky enough to have found these at a garage sale). She also got birthday cards from both sets of grandparents with some money. She's going to try really hard to save it so that she can buy a two wheeled scooter. We're hoping to find one at a garage sale this summer. If any of you Utahn's see one while you're out "garage sale-ing," give me a call.
Happy Birthday Lis!

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Rachel said...

Happy official Birthday Elisabeth!! She really is such a neat, sweet, and responsible girl. Thanks for all your help on Monday Elisa!!!