Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father-son campout

This weekend, Charlie and Scott went on a Father and son camp out with a friend of ours, Ben, and his son, with their ward. Scott and Char missed our ward father-son camp out because Scott was in North Carolina, but he promised to take Char later. If I had known before hand they would be near a river, I might not have let Char go, but I didn't know, and they went and had a great time and came home alive. I am a bit of a worrier when it comes to water. Actually, that's a huge understatement. I fear things like lakes and rivers and oceans for a couple of reasons. One, I'm afraid of sea creatures(I got stung by a sting ray on my foot on our honeymoon so I know they're real and out there and can really hurt people), and two, and most importantly, I'm afraid of little, innocent children drowning. And even worse, children under my care, on my watch. I've had a couple experiences when I've almost drowned. Once as a child in a small bit of water that I really can't remember, but my dad remembers and tells me about it often. Apparently, as a two or three year old, I was laying face down in the water and my dad yanked me out. Thanks dad. And Happy Father's Day, by the way, to all the wonderful daddies out there.

As a teenager, I went on a boating outing with some other youth and leaders from church. I was on an innertube being pulled at the back of the boat by a rope. I motioned with the 'thumb down' sign, which they told us to use, for this leader and driver of the boat to slow down, but instead he thought it'd be funny to speed up and do a little turn. I could see him smiling, so that's why I knew he thought it'd be funny. Some how I flew off the innertube toward the boat, the rope caught some slack in the air and caught me around the neck and pulled me under. I thought I was going to die and said a quick prayer. I was blessed with my life and with a nice rope burn around my neck, just before school pictures. I wore a high collared vest for the pictures to cover it up. Anyhow, you hear every summer of so many new drowning incidents and since I am a mother of a 5, 4, 2 and 2 month old, all of which cannot swim on their own just yet, of course I'm a bit nervous and paranoid. I'm hoping as they get older and become great swimmers I won't be quite so worried. But I'll still worry some.

This post was not supposed to be about my fear of water. So back to the father and son camp out. The boys had a wonderful time and one of the highlights during this trip for Char was throwing rocks into the river, which they did a lot. Scott said that several times throughout their trip Char would say, "I want to stay here forever." :) They got to stay up until 11pm and sleep until 7am. Everything was nice. Except the drive was an hour and a half and Scott wanted to bring his truck which doesn't have working A/C, so that was a little miserable(He didn't know the drive was going to be that long).

The girls and I went to a BBQ at a neighbors house that evening and stayed until ten which was WAY past our usual bed time, but we were having so much fun that we just didn't want to leave. The next morning we slept in and then went to a couple of garage sales. It was fun having some 'girls only' time.

And the weather has finely begun to feel like Spring/Summer! I even have a burn along the right side of my face, arm and collar bone area to prove it(we were at a park too long). The kids, who were exposed to the same sun, and who also didn't have any sunscreen on them, came away with nothing more than a little tan. Next time I'll remember my sunscreen. My fair skin does not fare well without some protection from the sun.

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