Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elisabeth's birthday party

Elisabeth will be six this week and she requested a princess party, again. I wanted to change things up a little from previous years: add a few games instead of doing a splash party, and this is what we came up with:

The birthday invitations we sent out were in the shape of tiara's and we cordially invited each princess to attend 'Princess Elisabeth's birthday party', wearing their favorite princess gown.

1. The Royal Salon. As the princesses arrived, they were seated and given a little make over by myself and Krissy(we also dressed up as princesses which was fun). We applied a mini lip gloss to their lips, which they got to add to their party favors, and sparkly gel to their cheeks and eye lids(I just mixed some sparkles with aloe vera gel).
Elisabeth and Sadi showing off their pretty faces.2. Next we lined up inside and played, 'pin the slipper on Cinderella'. I told the girls at this time that there were no prizes, but that everyone was a winner and we'd all get party favors at the end. (I wanted to make this clear in the beginning to avoid any confusion and perhaps tears. Princesses are prone to have tears :)).

3. Pizza, cheetos, cake, ice cream and strawberry lemonade. Healthy choices, no? I meant to serve fruit wands as well, but I ran out of time and couldn't put them together. I guess all that extra fruit can go into my green smoothies this week :). But at least there was no other candy given...besides the fruit snacks in the party favors.

Elisabeth with her beautiful princess cake made by, yours truly :). And because it's me and my blog and I love to do cakes, of course there will be another post dedicated entirely to the cake. Coming soon.

My beautiful helpers: Krissy (Scott's sister) on my left and my cousin Rachel on my right.

As we cleaned up after one activity and before we started the next, the girls were always drawn to the swing set which worked out wonderfully.

4. Ariel's relay. In this game we divided into two teams and each team had a bag of things to put on: cape, tiara, dress up shoes, sunglasses and bracelets. Once that was on, they had to run across the grass, pull a fish (water balloon) out of Ursula's bucket, and run back to the line and drop the fish in Ariel's bucket and then the next one would go and so on until all the fish were free from Ursula.

Charlie 'helping' me watch the girls and the water balloons. He wanted to throw those water balloons so badly. But he minded himself pretty well and waited until the game was done before he smashed them onto the patio.

5. Craft time: foam slap bracelets. I went to a craft store intending to get foam tiara's and stickers for the girls to decorate, but they only had two left. Which was actually lucky because it caused me to browse the other foam items and I found these cool foam slap bracelets that ended up being much cheaper to do than the tiara's. Here are the girls, and Char, putting foam stickers on their bracelets. We'll call Char's a wristband for Scott's sake :).

6. Present opening.

In review:
* I was glad we had so many activities planned. It kept the girls busy and happy. I, in fact, had one more game to play, Snow White's Poisoned Apple(aka Hot Potato with a 'poisoned' apple), but we didn't have enough time.

*After the party, I asked Elisabeth if she had fun and she said, "Yes! My favorite things were doing the sparkly cheeks and the slap bracelets." Good to know for next time.

*The balloons were fun and made everything look pretty. It was also fun to dress up, and I think the girls liked that too.

*The cake is always the highlight for little children so I'm glad I took the time to make one and that it turned out well.

*We ordered four, Little Caesar's pizzas but only finished 2 and 1/2. And that's with 16 little children and four adults. I guess with the cheetos and cake and ice cream, they didn't want to fill up on too much pizza.

*I normally don't do party favors, but it was really important to Elisabeth to have them this year. I just don't like handing out sweets when they've already been eating cake and ice cream. So we decided to put other things in them this year: sparkly pencil, princess note pad, jewel ring, lip gloss, hair ties and a princess fruit snack. It worked out pretty well. I got most everything in packages at the dollar store, though next year I might make some sort of craft (a bow or something) to give out instead. But only if I have enough time. We'll see.

*Overall, a great birthday party! Thanks Scott, Krissy and Rachel for all your help. And thanks Maren for letting me borrow your 'princess' clothes :).

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