Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cinderella Cake

A few months ago, Elisabeth and I were grocery shopping and she saw a cake in the bakery that she really liked. She asked if I'd make it for her birthday. So, later on that month, I went back to the grocery store --alone and armed with my camera-- and discreetly snapped a photo.

This is my version of the bakery cake:

We got these figurines at the Disney store some time ago which was perfect. It's all butter cream frosting on a double layer, 9x13, white cake. The decorating was actually pretty simple and quick in comparison to some cakes I've made in the past. I probably only spent about an hour decorating. Though of course there is also time for mixing the cake batter, baking, mixing frosting, coloring frosting etc. so the whole project probably took around 4 hours or so. But the time spent was all broken up over two days so it was fine.

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